Public Policy & Advocacy for Community Foundations

Help your policymakers understand the great work you do everyday in your community. Use these Council-curated tools and resources you need to advocate.

Learn the Issues

Public Policy for Community Foundations

Tools community foundations can use to address challenges, create and implement innovative solutions, and maximize the impact of donor investments in the communities they serve.

Take Action

Policy Toolkit for Community Foundations

A one-stop-shop for the guidance, materials, and messages Community Foundations need to engage with policymakers and other community leaders to protect against policy changes.

Show Your Value

Demonstrating Impact with Data

Community Foundations are the backbone of thriving communities – and here are the data, studies, reports and other evidence that illustrates this.


Share Your Story

Telling Your Story to Policymakers

Use these tips to effectively convey the importance of preserving and strengthening philanthropy in your community and communities across the country to policymakers.