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As a national voice for philanthropy, the Council works to create an environment in which philanthropy can thrive by promoting policies that allow the philanthropic sector to remain vibrant, inclusive, innovative, and effective.

In this Issue: Fiscal Standoff on Capitol Hill; What does it mean for you?; Rallying around the charitable deduction; Giving in West Virginia; Report: private foundation assets grow; Rep. Rangel advocates for charitable organizations; Comments on Veterans' Affairs strategic plan; Save the Date: Protect Giving Day; HUD Secretary's Award for Public-Philanthropic Partnerships; Empire Health Foundation - Eastern Washington Obesity Prevention Program; Fairfield County Community Foundation - Stable Families Program

In this Issue: On Capitol Hill, budget battles and lengthy debate; Tax Reform; At the IRS: Lois Learner retires, Camp concerned about donors lists; Welcome to the Charitable Giving Coalition's new blog!; What happens when states limit the charitable deduction?; Reassuring trend for the future; Nonprofit media; More on Dan Pallotta's TED Talk; Look for future editions of Snapshot on Fridays

In this Issue: The Fall Conference for Community Foundations is just days away!; Washington Update: What's Happening (what's not!) and What it Means for You; Partisan divide intensifies on economic issues; Discussion on comprehensive tax reform stayed behind the scenes; More developments, and a hearing, in the IRS Scandal; Commentaries this week; Interesting articles

In this Issue: It's August recess and time to look at "Tax Reform, the Big Picture"; While some are focused on the "big picture" at least one Senator spoke about the charitable deduction; What will happen when Congress returns in September?; The data signals that eliminating the charitable deduction hurts jobs and economic growth; While we're talking about tax reform, let's not overlook the states; Congress may be in recess, but the IRS scrutiny continues to make headlines; August recess and the "Summer of Action": A time for inspiring op-eds; A great op-ed from North Carolina; "Summer of Action" resources that you can use right now; Catching up on some recent legislation; Recent guidance from the IRS; Interesting series of articles on the horizon; On a high note

In this Issue: Tax Reform: A Recap of the First Half of 2013; A House hearing on Valentine’s Day; House bipartisan working groups; Closed door staff briefings on the Senate side; Leads to a "blank slate" proposal from Baucus and Hatch; And a major distraction invoking the IRS scandal; But "burgers and beer" help maintain friendly, collegial tone during the Tax Reform Tour; Does August recess mean that we have a month off? No Way! It's a "Summer of Action"!; On to the next chapter; Great op-ed from Cincinnati; Council in the News

In this Issue: Countdown to the August Congressional Recess; Anticipating a House Tax Reform Bill this Fall; Did the “Blank Slate” plan yield results?; Major Questions on Revenue Remain ; The President Weighs In; The Tax Reform Road Show; Continuing Support for Preserving the Charitable Deduction; IRS Scrutiny Continues and Possibly Expands; Debate on the House Floor; Obama Names New IRS Commissioner; Other Interesting Legislation