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Follow Up with Your Members of Congress on Tax Reform

On Dec. 22, President Donald Trump signed into law legislation overhauling the tax code. Assessed in its totality, this tax reform will be more detrimental to philanthropy than beneficial. As the second session of the 115th Congress begins, it is imperative that our sector engages with Members of Congress and their staff to address the negative impact this bill will have on philanthropy.

In the months ahead, we urge you to join the Council in advocating for the following solutions to mitigate the damage this legislation will have on charitable giving:

  • Enact a universal charitable deduction to combat the decreased incentive to give resulting from the near-doubling of the standard deduction, the decrease in marginal income tax rates, and the expansion of the estate tax;
  • Reintroduce and pass the CHARITY Act, which contains provisions to expand the IRA charitable rollover and simplify the private foundation excise tax to 1%; and
  • Protect nonprofit nonpartisanship by preventing any changes to weaken or repeal the Johnson Amendment.

As our sector continues to build and refine our capacity to engage on public policy issues, your voice is vital in communicating how these policies directly affect lawmakers’ communities and constituents.

Contact your Member(s) of Congress to share the sector’s concerns about the effects of tax reform, and propose solutions to address them moving forward in this Congress.

Write your Members of Congress

*Note: The Council recognizes that private foundations may only engage in lobbying on under the self-defense exception. If you wish to engage on this legislation and have questions, please contact the Council's Government Relations team.