Boards & Governance

Foundation board members accept the responsibility to guide foundations wisely and with care, to give their time and attention to ensuring that the foundation is operated for public benefit, and to make certain that legal, ethical and fiduciary standards are met.

The Council's board and governance resources are designed to provide the tools and knowledge essential to understanding the governance of foundations.

The Council on Foundations, in collaboration with BoardSource, is proud to announce the publication of an easy-to-use guide for new foundation board members.
The persistent scrutiny of nonprofit governance has prompted leaders at many types of organizations to take steps to assure that their own houses are in good legal and financial order. For private foundations, this checklist is a good place to start.
BoardEffect® is the leading board portal solution for foundations and nonprofit organizations. More than 160 organizations representing more than 7,000 board members are actively using their BoardEffect portal.
An engaged board is critical for a community foundation to achieve its greatest level of impact. But how can an emerging community foundation encourage board members to be fully engaged in helping the organization grow and fulfill its mission?
Stephanie Danforth Chafee offers her story of philanthropic involvement and succession to the foundation.
A Program for Orienting New Trustees Is An Indispensable Step for Foundations to Maximize the Value and Benefits of Their Boards
Al Castle is a family trustee of the Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation in Honolulu. After serving on the board for several years, he was hired as the first executive director of the foundation by his fellow board members.
By Anne H. Morgan of The Kirkpatrick Foundation
Merede Graham of the Namaste Foundation offers her perspective about how generational succession is helping shape her foundation.


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