This section covers issues around grantmaking by foundations and corporate giving programs. Please visit a specific resource page to narrow your results:

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This sample declination letter can help you inform grant applicants that their grant proposal was not accepted.
This sample grant proposal application checklist can be customized to your foundation's processes, allowing you to check off each step of the grant application process.
This sample grant proposal acknowledgment letter will allow you to let prospective grantees know that their application was received.
This sample post-grant evaluation can be customized to your foundation, and provided to your grantees to submit at the conclusion of their grant.
This sample grant agreement letter may be customized to your foundation, and used to alert new grantees to the terms of their grant.
This sample grant file index allows you to see the types of information which your foundation may need to keep on each of your grantees.
This customizable sample expenditure report allows you to track expenditures by grantees.
This sample docket allows you to customize your program goal and strategies.
This perspective from Sally Bowles of the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation will provide useful insight into grantmaking issues encountered by many family philanthropies.


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