COVID-19 Response

Many private and corporate foundations and giving programs are grappling with how to quickly respond to those most in need in their community as the Coronavirus pandemic spreads globally. This often means funding in new and different ways, including possibly making grants to individuals. Many corporate grantmakers are looking for ways to set up employee assistance funds to provide direct financial support to corporate employees who are most adversely affected. Private foundations may contemplate adjusting their approach to directly respond to critical needs that emerge from this crisis. Community foundations can be a great option for deploying charitable funds to individuals in need during a crisis like the one currently unfolding. Given that they are organized as public charities rather than private foundations they have broader latitude to give this way.

More than 40 major US-based and international foundations announced today to pledge their commitment to more flexible funding to help grantee partners meet emergency needs prompted by the COVID-19 crisis. Signatories include The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Seattle Foundation, and Robert Sterling Clark and Skillman Foundations among many other leaders around the country dedicated to advancing social change and supporting vulnerable populations.