COVID-19 Response

When the Council on Foundations published A Call to Action: Philanthropy’s Commitment during COVID-19 in March, the COVID-19 pandemic was in its early stages. Now, its impact has surpassed many of our worst fears, and an economic recession and long-standing racial injustices add to this moment of crisis. Foundations continue to strive to shift their practices across the world to improve how they work with their nonprofit partners and how to respond to crises. This blog explores how listening to communities can help global foundations respond to these challenging times, even those many miles removed from the communities they serve.

"How much should we spend?" It's an essential question for all funders and an especially complex one for endowed private foundations. Based on an upcoming issue brief of the same name, this webinar will help you revisit your foundation's role as an investment steward. It will introduce the surprisingly wide spectrum of equally valid choices endowed foundations have made in balancing permanence, purpose, and payout. And it will provide ideas for helping your own board or family thoughtfully answer "How much should we spend?"

This roundtable is for CEOs who are exploring ways to support the sustainability and/or evolution of their nonprofit partners. The conversation will focus on peer-to-peer advice, suggestions, and tactics on how funders can support nonprofits through the next stage of their organizational life cycle, whether that is a strategic alliance or restructuring, a merger, an acquisition or closure.

Since the first confirmed U.S. case of COVID-19 in January 2020 in Washington state, the pandemic has created an unprecedented public health and economic emergency across the United States. With its disproportionate impact in communities of color, the crisis also has laid bare the devastating racial disparities that are endemic across American society. In response, philanthropy has joined with nonprofits, government, and business to provide urgently needed support for individuals and communities that have been adversely affected by the virus and the economic impact on commercial activity, travel, and more. From special response funds to targeted grants, philanthropy has provided billions of dollars in new support to help people and communities cope.