Nonmonetary Grants

Nonmonetary grants, often thought of as philanthropy moving beyond the traditional monetary grant, has become an important part of philanthropic grantmaking. The Council is available to offer support and guidance on the two primary forms of nonmonetary grants: capacity building and in-kind donations.

In-Depth knowledge on Nonmonetary Grants

With the majority of companies today having at least one formal domestic volunteerism program, employee involvement is a topic of increasing relevance to the corporate world. Companies are realizing that volunteerism is not necessarily an ancillary strategy, but rather one that can be aligned with their core business and differentiate them in both the marketplace and the workplace. This Employee Volunteerism Solutions Brief examines what makes a successful employee volunteer program for companies at all stages of the process— Starting from Scratch, Building off the Basics, and Going from Good to Great. It provides practical solutions and tips to help you be more effective in your work.