Nonmonetary Grants

Nonmonetary grants, often thought of as philanthropy moving beyond the traditional monetary grant, has become an important part of philanthropic grantmaking. The Council is available to offer support and guidance on the two primary forms of nonmonetary grants: capacity building and in-kind donations.

In-Depth knowledge on Nonmonetary Grants

From the Center for Effective Philanthropy, most of foundations’ efforts to contribute ‘beyond the money’ have little beneficial impact on grantees. More than Money: Making a Difference with Assistance Beyond the Grant reveals that only when foundation staff provide assistance beyond the grant in one of two ways do grantees report a substantially more positive experience with their funders. Three exemplary foundations are profiled: Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, Winter Park Health Foundation, and the Wallace Foundation.

This toolkit is designed for private foundations that want to educate and encourage their grantees about getting involved in civic and policy activities to increase organizational capacity and impact. While its primary focus is on the grantmaking activity of foundations, the toolkit also addresses rules and guidance for policy involvement by foundation officials acting on behalf of their foundations.