Public Policy

In This Week's Edition of Snapshot New Bill to Expand Foundation Scholarship Programs Introduced in House; Ways and Means Unveils Tax Reform 2.0 Summary; Senate Finance to Hold Hearing for Treasury/IRS Nominees; Senate Seeks to Avoid Shutdown Threats by Bundling Spending Bills; Primary Runoff Election Held in Georgia; and Kentucky Lawmakers Look to Modernize Laws for Nonprofits, Texas Attorney General at Odds with Localities Over Sick Leave, New York City Comptroller Calls for Prompt Contracting Reforms.

In This Week's Edition of Snapshot Senators, Worried About a Decline in Charitable Giving, Request Information from Treasury; House to Vote on Appropriations “Minibus” with Johnson Amendment Rider; Treasury Rolls-Back Donor Disclosure Requirements, Wyden Disapproves; Tax Cuts 2.0 Update; 2018 HUD Award Winners Honored; White House Legislative Affairs Director Moving On; Primary Runoff Election Held in Alabama; and Four-State SALT Lawsuit, States Consider Expanding Overtime.