2021 Public Policy Summit

November 4, 2021

11 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET


Stay on the lookout for new speakers, information and updates to the Summit schedule. Please note, this schedule is based on Eastern time.


Thursday, November 4

11:00-11:15 a.m. ET

Welcome & Opening Remarks

This year's Council on Foundations' Public Policy Summit will open with remarks from Kathleen Enright, President & CEO of Council on Foundations, and David Kass, Vice President of Government Affairs & Strategic Communications at Council on Foundations.

11:15 a.m.-12:00 p.m. ET

Keynote Address: Philanthropy's Role in Shaping a More Equitable Future

We'll explore the cross-sections of wealth inequality, racial equity, philanthropy, and public policy, with a special focus on philanthropy's ability to advance the greater good. Gain a deeper understanding of where we in the sector are headed on our advocacy journey and the unique role that your individual foundation will play. After the speaker's remarks, attendees will have a chance to react in small breakout discussions.

12:00-12:50 p.m. ET

Congress and the Philanthropic Sector

This session will provide an insider’s view of the major legislation being considered by Congress that could impact philanthropy. Members of Congress will be interviewed by foundations in their states/districts about the status of bills and recently passed laws. Attendees will also join discussions with key Congressional staff on major issues, including tax reform and regulation of the sector.

1:20-2:15 p.m. ET

The Biden Administration's Executive Order on Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities:  A Pivotal Moment in Federal Policy

The Biden Administration is poised to address the entrenched disparities in the nation’s laws and public policies using President Biden’s Executive Order on Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government to ensure a whole-of-government equity agenda.  The Executive Order mandates that the Federal Government should pursue a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all. Attendees will be briefed by Administration officials on their progress and hear how philanthropy can engage to support intentional equity guarantees in federal policy.

2:15-3:10 p.m. ET

Mind the Gap: Philanthropy’s Role in Addressing Racial Wealth Disparities

What role can philanthropy play in decreasing the racial wealth gap? Foundation leaders and policy experts will share stories of their work to address these longstanding inequities—from both a policy and grantmaking perspective. The panel will engage with each other and the audience to share insights about effective practices for foundations and grantees to dialogue with policymakers at the local, state, and federal levels to mitigate this issue.

3:20-3:50 p.m. ET

Regulating Philanthropic Perpetuity: The Current Debate

Philanthropic leaders will engage in a lively debate about the role of public policy in supporting endowed philanthropy. As policymakers consider changes to the laws and regulations governing philanthropy, how should perpetuity factor into those conversations? Should the decision of whether and how to endow charitable dollars be decided only by the individual donor and/or foundation, or is there a role for policymakers? What are the benefits and costs to communities and causes of ensuring resources are reserved for future crises or to address long-term goals? How does this debate impact lawmakers' understanding and perceptions of philanthropy?

3:50-4:50 p.m. ET

Concurrent Sessions — Stepping Up and Showing Up for Communities: Advocacy Training

These concurrent sessions will highlight successful advocacy by philanthropy and give foundations the tools they need to move policy forward. There will be two sessions: an introductory level and an advanced level that will describe several successful advocacy campaigns.

Introduction to Policy Advocacy: Why and How?

This session will provide training to help foundations understand the rules and regulations to engage in public policy to advance their missions. Learn from your peers about what public and private foundations can do and fund on their own and in collaboration with other organizations.

Building an Effective Policy Advocacy Strategy in Today’s Environment

This session will feature foundations sharing best practices for organizing a portfolio of grantmaking and engagement to advance a specific issue in today’s state or federal context. After collaborating with peers in the field, you’ll walk away from the session with a larger toolkit and more ideas to transform your community.

4:50-5:00 p.m. ET

Closing Remarks