June 8-10| Preconference June 6-7 | Washington, DC

2014 Annual Conference

Philanthropy Exchange

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  • Chris Adams


  • Kate Ahern

    Vice President, Social Innovation

  • Truman Anderson

    Executive Director

  • Rebecca Arno

    Vice President of Communications

  • Melanie Audette

    Acting Managing Director

  • Diana Aviv

    President and CEO

  • Michael Balinsky

    Executive Vice President

  • Ryan Barker

    Vice President of Health Policy

  • Allison Barmann

    Strategy and Learning Vice President

  • Michael Batchelor


  • Jainey Bavishi

    Executive Director for APDR3

  • Melissa Beach

    Director, Training & Non Profit Services

  • Stephanie Bell-Rose

    Senior Managing Director and Head

  • Martha Bergmark

    Executive Director

  • Peter Berliner

    Managing Director

  • Alison Bernstein

    Vice President, Knowledge, Creativity & Freedom

  • Deepak Bhargava

    Executive Director

  • Peter Bird

    President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Matthew Bogoshian

    Senior Policy Counsel

  • Jeffrey Borenstein

    President & CEO

  • Peter Brach

    Program Advisor and Analyst

  • Jennifer Bradley

    Fellow and Senior Advisor, Metropolitan Policy Program

  • Sheri Brady

    Director of Policy

  • Cornell Brooks

    President & CEO

  • David Brotherton


  • Cedric Brown

    Chief of Community Engagement

  • Edmund Cain

    Vice President, Grant Programs

  • John Calhoun

    Senior Consultant

  • Deb Callahan


  • A. Campbell

    Deputy General Counsel

  • Jonathan Capehart

    Opinion Writer

  • Dan Carol

    Board Member

  • Andy Carroll

    Senior Program Manager

  • Emmett Carson

    CEO and President

  • Lin Chambers

    Project Scientist

  • Jennifer Chavez Rubio

    Director, Gifts & Grants Management, Strategic Partnerships

  • Jim Clifton


  • Gene Cochrane


  • Donald Cooke

    Senior Vice President of Philanthropy

  • Tamara Copeland


  • Michael Copps

    Special Advisor, Media and Democracy Reform Initiative

  • Lisa Danielson


  • Alexandra Delvalle

    Program Director

  • Robert Doar

    Morgridge Fellow in Poverty Studies

  • Matthew Dolan


  • Tracey Dorsett

    Program Officer

  • Shawn Dove

    Campaign Manager

  • Christine Elbel

    Executive Director

  • Satonya Fair

    Director, Grants Management

  • Wayne Farmer


  • Derrick Feldman


  • James Ferris


  • Deena Fidas

    Director, Workplace Project

  • Charles Fields

    Regional Program Manager, Los Angeles

  • Charles Fluharty

    President and CEO

  • Marc Freedman


  • Terri Freeman


  • Suzanne Friday

    Senior Counsel and V.P. of Legal Affairs

  • Lori Fuller

    Director, Evaluation and Research

  • Patrick Gage


  • Mary Galeti

    Vice Chair

  • Robert Garris

    Managing Director

  • Elenore Garton

    Director of Business Development

  • Christopher Gates

    Senior Advisor

  • Jacob Gayle

    Vice President, Medtronic Foundation and Medtronic Community Affairs

  • Samantha Gilbert

    Vice President of Talent and Human Resources

  • Juleanna Glover

    Managing Director, Teneo Intelligence

  • Joe Goldman


  • Katie Grace

    Program Manager, Initiative for Responsible Investment

  • Heather Grady

    Vice President

  • Jonathan Greenblatt

    Director, White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation

  • Mike Green

    Co-founder, Executive Director

  • Catharine Grimes

    Director, corporate Philanthropy

  • Jason Grumet

    Founder and President

  • Patricia Haley

    Mission Continues Fellow

  • Bonnie Hammerschlag


  • Marva Hammons

    Executive Vice President of Child and Family Services

  • Carly Hare


  • Janaan Hashim


  • Wendy Hawkins

    (Retired) Executive Director, Intel Foundation/ Consultant & Coach

  • James Head

    President & CEO

  • Antonia Hernandez

    President & CEO

  • David Hiller

    President and CEO

  • Irene Hirano


  • Miguel Howe

    Director, Military Service Initiative

  • Gwen Ifill

    Journalist, Managing Editor

  • Alfred Ironside

    Vice President of Global Communications

  • Nike Irvin

    Vice President, Programs

  • James Isenhower

    Director of Warrior and Family Support

  • Dena Jackson

    VP - Grants and Research

  • Nancy Jacobson


  • Kevin Jennings

    Executive Director

  • Cristina Jimenez

    Co-Founder & Managing Director

  • David Johns

    Executive Director

  • Gloria Johnson-Cusack


  • Jeff Johnson

    Chief of Strategy

  • Minna Jung

    Communications Director

  • Jill Karsten

    Program Director, GEO Education and Diversity

  • Gabriel Kasper

    Senior Manager

  • Kilolo Kijakazi

    Program Officer

  • Jen Klein

    Senior Policy Advisor, No Ceilings Project

  • Sarah Koch

    Senior Director, Social Innovation

  • Sally Kohn

    Director, Movement Vision Lab

  • Joanne Krell

    Vice President for Communications

  • Maria Teresa Kumar

    President and CEO

  • Sujata Lamba

    Director, FPD and Global Competitive Industries

  • Dianna Langenburg

    Director of Human Resources and Organizational Services

  • Carol Larson

    President and CEO

  • Amy Lazarus

    Executive Director

  • Daniel Lee

    Executive Director

  • Abby Levine

    Legal Director, Bolder Advocacy

  • Penelope Lewis

    Head of Global Foundations Program

  • Peter Long

    President and CEO

  • Cindy Lott

    Interim Program Director, Nonprofit Management Programs

  • Jennifer Maconochie

    Director, Strategic Initiatives & Policies

  • Sherry Magill


  • Caroline Mahfood

    Executive Director

  • Justin Marcoux


  • Alfonso Martinez-Fonts

    Executive Vice President

  • Ben Maulbeck


  • Jean McCall

    Director of Human Resources

  • Patrick McCarthy

    President & CEO

  • Mary McClymont


  • Georgina McDowell

    Former Salinas, CA Community Safety Director

  • Holiday McKiernan

    Chief of Staff and General Counsel

  • Heather McLeod Grant


  • Ann McMillan MSW

    Program Associate

  • Alan Miller

    President and CEO

  • Michael Moody

    Frey Chair for Family Philanthropy, Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy,

  • Abhilash Mudaliar

    Research Manager

  • Malik Mujahid


  • Cynthia Muller

    Director, Impact Investing

  • Kevin Murphy


  • Karolina Mzyk

    Program Specialist

  • Rosita Najmi

    Associate, Knowledge & Advocacy

  • Mary Nelson

    Executive Director

  • Conn Nugent


  • Doug O'Brien

    White House Rural Council

  • David Orr

    Paul Sears Distinguished professor of Environmental Studies and Politics

  • Michele Ozumba

    President and CEO

  • Stacy Palmer


  • Peter Panepento

    Vice President, Network

  • Heather Peeler

    Vice President of Member & Partner Engagement

  • Thaler Pekar


  • Thomas Perez


  • Gayle Peterson

    Senior Managing Director

  • Mary Phillips


  • Tony Pipa

    Deputy Assistant Administrator, Bureau of Policy, Planning and Learning

  • Stephanie Powers

    Sr. Director for Policy and Partnerships

  • Susan Price

    Vice President

  • Theron Pride

    Senior Advisor

  • Bahia Ramos Synnott

    Program Director, Arts

  • Miles Rapoport

    President and CEO

  • Barbara Raymond

    Director, Schools & Neighborhoods

  • Alexander Reid


  • Janis Reischmann

    Executive Director

  • Gina Reiss-Wilchins

    Executive Director

  • Carla Roberts

    President and CEO

  • John Rohe

    Vice President of Philanthropy

  • Lee Rose


  • Katherina Rosqueta

    Founding Executive Director of The Center for High Impact Philanthropy

  • Faith Rothblatt

    Associate Director

  • Gina Russo

  • Douglas Rutzen

    President and CEO

  • Jim Sandman


  • Sue Santa

    Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Legal Affairs

  • Howard Schneider

    Dean, School of Journalism

  • Betsy Schwartz

    Vice President for Public Education and Strategic Initiatives

  • Pratichi Shah

    President and CEO

  • Jim Shelton

    Deputy Secretary

  • Marta Siberio


  • Diana Sieger


  • James Silkenat


  • Bradford Smith


  • Michael Smith

    Director, Social Innovation Fund

  • Jeffrey Solomon


  • Abdi Soltani

    Executive Director

  • Saket Soni

    Executive Director

  • Vikki Spruill

    President & CEO

  • Kathleen Starr

    Vice President of Capital Deployment

  • Marc Sternberg

    Director K-12 Education Reform

  • Eugene Steuerle

    Institute Fellow

  • Patty Stonesifer

    Senior Advisor to the Trustees

  • Lester Strong

    Chief Executive Officer, AARP Experience Corps

  • Richard Stuebi

    President & CEO

  • Ray Suarez


  • K. Sujata


  • La June Tabron

    President and CEO

  • Barbara Taylor

    Program Officer

  • Chet Tchozewski

    Board Member

  • Steven Teles

    Associate Professor

  • Tomicah Tillemann

    Senior Advisor to the Secretary of State for Civil Society &Emerging Democracies

  • Martha Toll

    Executive Director

  • Laura Tomasko

    Policy Advisor and Deputy Associate Director

  • Cheryl Tupper

    Vice President for Religion and Healthcare

  • Luz Vega-Marquis

    President & CEO

  • Bina Venkataraman

    Senior Advisor on Climate Change Innovation

  • Darren Walker


  • Kevin Walker

    President and CEO

  • Sean Walsh

    Public Relations

  • Mark Warren

    Tax Counsel, Committee on Ways and Means

  • Eric Washington

    Chief Judge

  • Thomas Wathen

    Vice President, Environment

  • Kathy Whelpley

    Vice President

  • Colburn Wilbur


  • Riki Wilchins

    Executive Director

  • Jonah Wittkamper

    Co-Founder & Global Director

  • Evan Wolfson

    Founder and President

  • Lisa Woll


  • Colin Woodard

  • Douglas Wood

    Program Lead, Somaly Mam Beauty+ Salon

  • Steven Woolf

    Senior Tax Policy Counsel

  • Danielle York