Global Philanthropy

The Council is actively working to build connections among U.S. and global foundations that are addressing problems and advancing change around the world. For more than 20 years, we have played a key role in facilitating responsible and effective international grantmaking. We also advocate on behalf of foundations to urge the U.S. government to reduce the barriers to cross-border philanthropy and support the development of philanthropy as an essential part of a strengthened global civil society.

What is global philanthropy?

We define global philanthropy in four ways:

  1. Private actions for the public good as diversely practiced around the globe.
  2. Private actions for the public good that are locally focused but globally minded.
  3. Grants by a given country’s donors to causes outside that country.
  4. Private actions for the public good that address challenging issues and demand concerted action from diverse actors from around the world.

How is the Council involved?

The Council is part of the global philanthropy conversation with foundations, corporate giving programs, government and multilateral institutions, think tanks, and global philanthropic networks. As a connector, the Council:

  • Organizes provocative conversations among foundations and other partners on issues of global scale and importance at our conferences and other venues
  • Builds relationships with thought leaders and networks of foundations globally
  • Works with the U.S. State Department to engage U.S. foundations through the Global Philanthropy Working Group
  • Provides legal resources on making grants to NGOs outside the U.S.
  • Hosts the Global Grantmaking Institute, a two-day workshop that explores investment strategies, legal and regulatory requirements, collaboration, and evaluation for globally-minded foundation staff and trustees.  

How can you get involved?

  • Contact us to let us know the global issues you’re concerned about.

What is the Council's approach to global philanthropy?

Read Vikki Spruill's remarks on the Council's approach to global philanthropy at the 25th Anniversary Conference at the Mexican Center for Philanthropy.


Access the global grantmaking resources on our site.