Center for Community Foundation Excellence (CCFE)

Developed in conjunction with Indiana University's Center on Philanthropy, these courses help community foundation staff, board members and volunteers master the unique aspects of the community foundation field in short order. You'll learn about effective practices, get helpful tools and information and have the opportunity to network with others in the field. Comprehensive and engaging, these courses are an efficient and affordable way to increase your knowledge of the field. Courses are offered by the Council on Foundations and partnering regional associations.

All Center for Community Foundation Excellence courses are created and led by experienced community foundation practitioners and consultants. See Faculty Roster for a list.

CCFE Community Foundations Fundamentals Course

Designed to help staff and volunteers quickly comprehend organizational essentials this course is for community foundation staff in the early stages of their careers, as well as more experienced staff seeking a review. It is applicable to individuals from community foundations of all sizes and covers topics including:

  • history of the community foundation movement
  • basic information on governance, resource development and donor relations
  • key legal and legislative issues and information on grantmaking
  • community leadership and fiduciary responsibilities

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CCFE Financial Administration for Community Foundations Course

For community foundation CEOs, managers, or board members/trustees with fiscal responsibilities and those new to finance and fiscal administration, this course provides an understanding of the complicated aspects unique to community foundation finances. The interactive course curriculum is designed so that participants will:

  • Have a framework for developing policies and practices related to the National Standards
  • Understand the legal and regulatory requirements specific to community foundations
  • Understand factors to consider in cash management, asset allocation, and fees
  • Be more conversant in complicated fiscal issues, and better able to take your case to your Board

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Resource Development for Community Foundations Course

For community foundation staff and trustees responsible for resource development, particularly those new to the field. Taught by fellow-practitioners, this hands-on, interactive course is designed to advance understanding and techniques around providing donor services, comparing philanthropic options, attracting new resources, gift planning, and building strategic alliances with professional advisors and other key partners. From this course, participants will:

  • Have a framework for developing policies and practices related to the National Standards
  • Have a better understanding of challenges and opportunities in building funds
  • Understand factors to consider when building strategic partnerships with allied professionals
  • Be better able to analyze the cost effectiveness of development strategies

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Regional Associations

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