John Cochrane

Associate Director, Social Innovation
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John Cochrane

John Cochrane serves as Associate Director for  Social Innovation at the Council on Foundations. In that capacity, he works with Council members and outside experts to promote understanding of and good practice in emerging forms of philanthropy, such as impact investing, social enterprise, and pay-for-success.

John first joined the Council in the summer of 2013 as communications associate. He had previously worked in the office of the US Executive Director of the Inter-American Development Bank, where he was a principal organizer of the Inaugural White House Hispanic Business Leaders Forum. Prior to moving to Washington, DC, he worked as a field organizer on Barack Obama’s reëlection campaign in Cincinnati, Ohio, and before that as an intern at the US Consulate General in Barcelona, Spain.

John is a graduate of Cornell University having studied economics and international relations. He is fluent in Spanish and Catalan. Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, John doesn’t understand why so many people have chosen to live in places that annually freeze over.

You should ask him about the Council's work regarding impact investing, social impact bonds, and other forms of social capital.