Philanthropy Exchange

The Philanthropy Exchange is a private social network that allows Council members to connect with peers. On the Exchange, members can discuss topics of shared interest, share resources, and develop stronger relationships that advance their work. Watch this 2-minute video walk-through to get a feel for the platform or watch my video on how to set up your profile. Or to print something out, take a look at our one-pager, Philanthropy Exchange Quick Tips.

Members can:

  • Connect with their peers around the globe
  • Search an online library of best practices, resources and events
  • Seek and give candid advice in a private community of their peers
  • Find members funding similar issues or performing similar roles in their foundation.

At this time, the Exchange is only open to Council members. 

See below for a list of the available communities on the Exchange. 

List of Communities

Open to All

Community Foundations*

Specific Role/Foundation Type*

Building the Exchange

CEOnet Exchange

Private Foundation Counsel Exchange

DisasterNet Exchange

Communications Exchange

Independent Foundation Exchange

FIMS Peer Learning Group

Donor Services Exchange

Family Philanthropy Exchange

Human Resources Exchange

Finance and Admin Exchange

Corporate Philanthropy Exchange

Impact Investing Exchange

Program Exchange (ProNet)

Career Pathways Alumni Exchange

Open Exchange

*To join groups for specific roles or foundation types, e-mail

Scholarships Exchange

Technology Exchange

Veterans Philanthropy Exchange



How does it work?

The Philanthropy Exchange is a collection of smaller, more targeted communities for you to connect with your peers. It operates similar to a listserv, except all the information is kept online so that you don't need to keep any old e-mails. In addition, you can set up your profile and find others in the field with similar interest or experience. 

Why should I take part?

The Exchange is a great forum in which to ask questions of other foundation staff and board members across the country. For example, you might want to know how other foundations perform self-assessments, engage their communities or define policy. Ask a question, or answer one. Sometimes there’s no assistance like peer assistance.

Who participates?

Because it’s important to speak your mind freely, membership is limited to foundation members of the Council. Council staff help to monitor and manage each list.

Will I be overwhelmed with e-mail messages?

PhilEx E-mail DiagramYou have the ability to determine the frequency with which you participate on each list. You may subscribe to Real Time — that is, to receive each message as it is posted to the community. Alternatively, you may choose to Daily Digest —  that is, to receive one e-mail message per day including the previous day’s activity. To change your e-mail subscription, just hover over My Profile and click My Settings.

How do I send a message?

You can post messages (or reply to messages) through the website or your e-mail. The diagram to the right shows an outline of what the e-mails look like. 

What if I forgot my password?

You can either click "Forgot Password" or you can e-mail

Can I access old messages?

Yes! Just use the search function to find previous messages.