Upcoming Webinars

How can your foundation ensure that funding requests are meaningful and contain clear outcomes? Are incoming grant proposals in alignment with community vital signs and needs assessments? How can the grant application process lead to this end? Sharpen your own grantmaking application process with new insights to fund even more with your limited grant dollars.    

Join us for a webinar to discuss the importance of building relationships with elected officials and to learn more about how the Council is engaging to ensure the voice of philanthropy is heard during this elections process.

This is your chance to hear a preview of the deep dive to come on grantmaking for economic development at the upcoming Endowment and Finance Summit in September.

Working with donors can be tricky. The fact is that the law applies to everyone the same whether your fundraiser or your board member is speaking to a donor. We will start with a brief overview of who is in control and then we will answer your specific questions.

This webinar will provide members with an opportunity to obtain a detailed understanding of the Overtime Rule directly from the Department of Labor. In addition, the Council’s attorneys will explain how the Rule applies to Foundations and answer some prevalent questions that have surfaced.

This quarter's member update will focus principally on important issues related to foundation financial management and endowment performance. We will look in depth at the Council's recent research on endowments and preview our upcoming Endowments and Finance Summit in New York City. We will discuss how members might better understand their own institution's financial management and investment performance in broader context.