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1002 Foundation

Absarokee Community Foundation

The Paul J. Aicher Foundation

Akaloa Resource Foundation

Alamance Foundation

Alcoa, Inc.

Alfalfa County Community Fund/ Pioneer Spirit Foundation

Allamakee County Community Foundation

Allendale Community Foundation

Alpern Family Foundation, Inc.

Alva Community Fund

American Education Assistance Foundation

American Friends for the Preservation of St Germain des Pres

Amgen Colorado Foundation

Amgen Rhode Island Foundation

Amgen Washington Foundation

Ann W. Cramer

Anne Ray Charitable Trust

Athens Area Community Foundation, Inc.

Auburn Community Foundation

The Austin Memorial Foundation

Richard W. Averill Foundation

Ayrshire Foundation

Paul & Monica Bancroft Family Foundation

Bangor Area Community Foundation

Harry F. and Carol H. Barnes Family Foundation

The Behrakis Foundation

The Belvedere Trust

Besser Foundation

Blackfeet Community Endowment Fund

Blackwell Community Foundation Fund

Blaine County Community Foundation

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana

BOKF Foundation

Edward A. Bond Foundation

Bonita Springs Community Foundation

Boone County Community Foundation

Boyertown Area Charitable Giving Program

Bradley H. Barnes Trust

Brainerd Lakes Area Community Foundation

Broadwater Community Foundation

Brock Family Charitable Foundation

Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation

Bussing-Koch Foundation, Inc.

Butte-Silver Bow Community Foundation

CAA Foundation

The Camiccia-Arnautou Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Cantigny Foundation

Capital Guardian Trust Company

The Carlson Family Foundation

The Caroll County Community Foundation

Carter County Community Foundation

Cascade Community Foundation Fund


Chiles Foundation

Clayton County Community Foundation

Community Foundation for Cloud County

The Collis Foundation

Columbus Community Foundation

Community Chest of New Britain and Berlin Inc. Fund

Community Foundation for a Better Bigfork

Community Foundation for Delta County

Community Foundation of Dutchess County

Community Foundation of Greater Story County

The Community Foundation of Nelson County

The Community Foundation of Owensboro-Daviess County

Community Foundation of Putnam County

Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin Grant County

Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin Green County

Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin Rock

Community Foundation of Southwest Kansas

Community Foundation of Ulster County

Community Improvement Foundation of Madisonville and Hopkins

Cook County Community Fund

Coopersville Area Community Foundtion

Council Grove Area Foundation

Covert Township Community Foundation Fund

The Crawford Idema Family Foundation

Culbertson Area Community Foundation

Cullen Foundation

Melvin S. Cutler Charitable Foundation

Darby Town Endowment Fund

DeBoer Foundation, Inc.

DGBB Foundation

DHL Private Charitable Foundation

Doddridge County Community Foundation

Duncan Community Fund

E.I. duPont de Nemours and Co.

The Edouard Foundation, Inc.

Edward H. Daveis Benevolent Fund

The Ellis Center for Educational Excellence

The Ensworth Charitable Foundation

Ernest & Irma Rose Foundation

Eton Lane Foundation

Evans-Wood Family Foundation

The Fifth Third Foundation

The Fine Foundation

Fort Lupton Community Area Fund

Foundation for the Enhancement of Mitchell County

Frechette Family Foundation

Fulk Family Foundation, Inc.

Alice G. Gadd and F. Frederick Romanow Jr. Charitable Foundation

Joseph & Sherrie Garfield Charitable Foundation, Inc.

George B. Kaiser Foundation

George Kaiser Family Foundation

Gettinger Family Foundation

Greater Glendive Community Foundation

The Glendorn Foundation

Gloucester Community Foundation

Gore Family Memorial Foundation Trust

Grass Range Community Foundation

Great Falls Area Community Foundatoin

Greater Polson Community Foundation

Green River Area Community Foundation

The Janice & Ben Gromet Fund for Disadvantaged Children

The Grove Foundation

Gulf Coast Strategic Investments

Hale Family Foundation

Hardin County Community Foundation

Hunt & Diane Harris Family Foundation

Edward C. Hegeler Trust Fund

Hermantown Community Fund

Hill County Community Endowment

The Russell L. Hiller Charitable Trust

The David & Barbara B. Hirschhorn Foundation

The Hopi Foundation

Josephine Lawrence Hopkins Foundation

Horizons Unlimited Foundation

The Huber Foundation

Iberia Parish Endowment Fund

Ionia County Community Foundation Fund

Iosco County Community Foundation

Irving and Dorothy Levy Family Foundation, Inc.

The William G. Irwin Charity Foundation

Jackson County Community Foundation

Walter F. & Avis Jacobs Foundation, Inc.

JANX Foundation, Inc.

Jefferson Valley Community Foundation

Johnson Macchietto Enterprises, Inc.

Johnstone Vance Memorial Fund

Joliet Area (MT) Community Foundation

Joliet Area Community Foundation

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.

Kaiser Permanente Southern California

Kaiser Permanente Northern California

Kaiser Permanente Oregon/Washington

Kaiser Permanente Ohio Region

John & Editha Kapoor Charitable Foundation

Katherine W. Dumke and Ezekiel R. Dumke, Jr. Foundation

The Nelson & Charleen Kemp Foundation

Kern River Valley Community Funds

Kraft Foods Group Foundation

Krupp Family Foundation

Albert Kunstadter Family Foundation

Lake City Community Foundation, Inc.

Lake County Community Foundation

Lana Vento Charitable Foundation

Blanche & Irving Laurie Foundation

Leon H. & Clymene M. Bond Foundation, Inc.

Lifeworks Foundation

Lincoln County Community Foundation

Lincoln Valley Community Foundation

Little Kanawha Area Community Foundation

The Lodestar Foundation

The Logan County Charitable and Educational Foundation, Inc.

Lomax Family Foundation

Louisiana Parks Foundation

Louisiana Real Estate Foundation

Bertha Russ Lytel Foundation

Maine Community Supporting Foundation

Mary Elizabeth & Gordon B. Mannweiler Foundation, Inc.

Mariel Foundation

Marisla Foundation

Mason County Community Foundation

May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trusts

Mayberg Family Charitable Foundation

The Robert F. & Eleonora W. McCabe Foundation

McFeely-Rogers Foundation

The Curtis W. McGraw Foundation

McMurtry Family Foundation

The Mental Insight Foundation

Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds

North Central Michigan Community Foundation

Mineral County Community Foundation

Mizuho USA Foundation, Inc.

The Mona Pittenger Foundation

Western Montana Community Foundation

The Moran Foundation

Morningside Health Care Foundation

Morris Stulsaft Testamentary Trust

Newton County Community Foundation

The Nicholson Family Foundation

Community Foundation of North Lee County

The Northern Kentucky Fund

Nostro Jones, P.A.

O.L. Pathy Family Foundation

Oak Philanthropy Ltd.

The Oak Tree Philanthropic Foundation

Osceola Foundation, Inc.

Pathy Family Foundation

Peck Stacpoole Foundation

Phillip M. Bardack, CPA

Phillips County Community Foundation

Powell County Foundation

Prairie Benefits

The John E. & Aliese Price Foundation, Inc.

QuikTrip Community Foundation

The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation

Ralph E. Ogden Foundation

Raymond B. Preston Family Foundation

Red Wing Area Fund of St. Paul Foundation

Redwater Community Foundation

John N. & Sarah H. Rees Charitable Foundation

Richland County Community Foundation

Rita and Jeffrey Adler Foundation

Ritchie County Community

Rittenhouse Foundation

Thomas W. Haas Foundation

Roberts Community Foundation

Rocky Mountain Front Community Foundation

Elbert W. Rogers Foundation

Roosevelt County Community Foundation

Foster Foundation

William J. & Tina Rosenberg Foundation

William Rosenberg Family Foundation, Inc.

Rossville Community Foundation

Ruby Valley Foundation

Russell County Area Community Foundation

Ruth Q. Davis Foundation, Inc.

San Diego Women\'s Foundation

Lewis G. Schaeneman Jr., Foundation, Inc.

Schrenk Family Foundation

Seattle International Foundation

Seeley Lake Community Foundation

Serimus Foundation

Sheridan County Community Foundation

The Sherwick Fund

Marion A. and Ruth Sherwood Family Fund

The Sisler McFawn Foundation

Skillworks: Partners For A Productive Workforce

Skip Rhodes & Associates, LLC

Slaggie Family Foundation

Smoky Hills Charitable Foundation

Smoky Valley Community Foundation

The Soo Foundation, Inc.

South Lake Tahoe Area Fund

Southeast Ottawa Community Foundation Fund

Southern California Gas Company

Southern Company Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Spunk Fund, Inc.

St. Mary Parish Community Fund

Charles R. and Karen P. Stephenson Family Foundation

Nathaniel & Elizabeth P. Stevens Foundation

Stevensville Community Foundation

Straits Area Community Foundation

Sunburst Community Foundation

Tecovas Foundation

The Biella Foundation

The David Kelby Johnson Memorial Foundation

The Geary-O\'Hara Family Foundation

The Genan Foundation

The HealthPath Foundation of Ohio

Chicago Community Trust/The Partnership For New Communities

The Robert F. Higgins Foundation

The Youssef and Kamel Mawardi Fund

Thomas A. Plein Foundation

Three Mile Lone Rock Community Foundation

Tobacco Valley Community Foundation

Together Tulsa, Inc.

Trillium Family Foundation

Tulsa Beautification Foundation

Tulsa Educare, Inc.

Two Harbors Area Fund

Two Rivers Community Foundation

Union County Community Foundation, Inc. (AR)

Union Foundation

Valene Beth Schwartz Foundation

Valene Beth Schwartz Foundation

The Venice Endowment

Vincent B. & Barbara G. Welch Supporting Organization

Wakefield Community Foundation

Archie D. and Bertha H. Walker Foundation

Wardle Family Foundation

The Toby and Melvin Weinman Foundation, Inc.

The Adele A. & Harold J. Westbrook Foundation

Wibaux Endowment Foundation

Harvey Randall Wickes Foundation

Wild Rivers Community Foundation

Wilderness Trace Community Foundation

Willmar Area Community Foundation

Windsor Community Foundation

Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company Foundation

Youngstown Foundation

Youth Hope Foundation

Zausmer Foundation