CEO Leadership & Development

The chief executive serves the management function of the organization and acts as the principal conduit of information to the board. The chief executive plans and directs the specific activities of the organization, hires and supervises staff, and approves commitments that do not require board approval. He or she will report on the foundation’s operations and finances and make suggestions for board action.

The Council highly values the role that CEO leadership plays in the success or failure of foundations, so we have developed an array of leadership resources to assist CEO’s with their duties.

From Grantcraft, whether it's introducing new ideas into your foundation or offering constructive feedback to a grantee, grantmakers can develop personal strategies to meet the "soft" challenges of grantmaking.
Stephanie Danforth Chafee offers her story of philanthropic involvement and succession to the foundation.
Merede Graham of the Namaste Foundation offers her perspective about how generational succession is helping shape her foundation.
The role of the foundation CEO is pivotal to the success of a foundation’s goals. Even at foundations without a staff, the tasks of the CEO do not disappear, but rather are carried out by board members.
The First 100 Days is not intended to be a comprehensive job description or in-depth exposé on the giving officer’s career; rather, it will help you, as a novice in this role, prioritize your activities during the early stages of your transition.
This document attempts to codify the job functions of private foundation CEOs and the skills and knowledge needed to perform these functions, referred to as competencies.
The Internal Revenue Code provides excise tax penalties that can be imposed by the Internal Revenue Service whenever unreasonable or excessive compensation is paid to high-level employees of charitable organizations. Over and above any legal requiremen
Foundation CEOs and trustees share insights and personal stories related to significant paths of change and how they overcame setbacks. Download a copy and gain best practices to help you successfully lead your foundation, boards and staff.
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