Fundraising & Gift Acceptance

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Ideas for donor services and frequently asked questions about engaging donors.
Frequently asked questions about development plans, and sample plans.
Discover the tax treatment under the Pension Protection Act (PPA) for gifts of fractional interests in tangible personal property, like books, artwork, furniture and more.
Guidance to donors on in-kind, food and inventory, taxidermy, S corporation stock, and recapture of tax benefit on property.
The legal and tax implications for community foundations accepting donations from private foundations, and qualifying distributions of taxable expenditures.
Most states have registration and/or reporting laws that apply to nonprofit organizations soliciting contributions within the state. Information about registration is available through individual states or the Multi-State Filer Project.
Community foundations occasionally consider conducting a raffle as a way to raise money for a particular fund. The plan may be to do a raffle as a standalone fundraiser or as part of another community foundation event.
Community foundations are often faced with requests from donors or local volunteers who wish to express their support by raising money for the community foundation or for a particular fund.
Definition and issues around accepting gifts of tangible personal property.
When a contribution consists of property other than cash, it must be determined if it is in the community foundation’s best interests to accept such property.


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