Career Pathways

A Talent Pipeline Expansion Program

We are no longer accepting applications for Career Pathways 2021 Cohort. Interested in 2022? Fill out the interest form and we'll let you know when we're accepting applications.

About the Career Pathways Program

The Career Pathways program is a highly selective pipeline expansion opportunity open to individuals from diverse backgrounds who are currently employed in foundations, grantmaking institutions and industries outside of philanthropy. This year-long leadership preparation course is for mid-career professionals and was developed in response to the field’s growing commitment to advancing inclusive practices and diversity in philanthropic decision-making.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and high interest in the Career Pathways program, in 2021 the program is expanding! There will be two cohorts running concurrently immersed in a full virtual environment from July to December 2021. Each cohort will include 24 individuals from various backgrounds seeking to prepare themselves as candidates for philanthropic leadership positions. The Career Pathways program will continue to provide its foundational programming, plus new curriculum modules around leadership skillsets specific to virtual workspaces. This year’s cohort participants will leave the program better prepared to enhance their philanthropic leadership, increase their own potential, and join the stellar executive leaders in the Career Pathways Alumni peer community.

Four-Part Virtual Learning Sessions for 2021 Cohort

1. Individual Leadership: This leadership development session will assist in outlining the steps that you need to take in order to be a better leader.

2. Field Leadership: This course will provide a combination of on-the-job experience, networking, and mentorship to assist with your personal and professional growth.

3. Organizational Leadership: Learn management approach and strategic goals for organizations, while grasping how to motivate individuals to successfully carry out tasks in service to those goals.

4. Culminating Presentation: Pick up best practices, find natural eloquence and master the art of public speaking by improving your presentation skills.

Why This Program

As an investment in the field of philanthropy, Career Pathways is designed to assist a more diverse leadership pool of individuals in reaching their own, and the field’s, potential. Participants in the Career Pathways program will leave better prepared to judge and enhance their philanthropic leadership profile.

While Career Pathways cannot guarantee participants will be appointed to leadership positions, it will empower individuals to become the best candidates they can be by cultivating philanthropic acumen, confidence, and networks. Participation in Career Pathways will build an individuals’ capacity to become even more effective in their current roles and more deliberate in their contributions to the field of philanthropy, more broadly.

Unlike traditional training or advocacy programs, Career Pathways focuses more intentionally on assisting mid-career professionals from diverse backgrounds in the development of networks and leadership capacity and in taking the reins of their own candidacies for high-level, decision-making roles in philanthropy and strengthening the capacity of the field.


Career Pathways is made possible thanks to generous funding support from: