Leading Together
Annual Conference | Dallas, TX | April 23-26, 2017

Refining the Business Case for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within the Philanthropic Sector

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Preconference Session IconThis event is a preconference session at the 2017 Annual Conference.

Much has been said about diversity, equity and inclusion within the philanthropic sector. Diverse talent pools, equitable grantmaking processes and inclusive workplaces are all things for which we are striving. What benefit, if any, does a diverse talent pool bring to an organization? Does a lack of diversity within and organization’s talent pool translate to a less effective organization?

This preconference will examine and refine the business case for diversity, equity and inclusion within the philanthropic sector. We will compare and contrast the business case for DEI within the philanthropic and private sectors. The session will focus on models for engaging diverse talent pools. In addition, representatives from the philanthropic and private sectors will help us address the following questions:

  1. How have their organizations “operationalize” the principles of DEI within their organizations?
  2. What have their organizations done to attract and retain diverse talent pools? 
  3. What have they done to create workplaces that are inclusive of the increasingly diverse talent pool?
  4. How has the diversity of the talent pool influenced the methods by which they serve their stakeholders?

A panel of representatives from peer organizations will share the tactical approaches they have taken to embed diversity, equity and inclusion within their organizations.