Public Policy Action Network

What is the Council’s Public Policy Action Network?

The Council’s Public Policy Action Network is a group of foundation leaders committing their voices, experiences, and networks to engage and educate federal elected officials to foster a policy environment in which philanthropy can thrive. Policymakers depend on the voices and experiences of philanthropists to ensure that policies can best address the needs of foundations and their nonprofit partners.

Why Participate in the Public Policy Action Network?

As foundation leaders, you are the best advocates for philanthropy. You see how foundations are working to address challenges, support communities, and advance the greater good. Together, we can ensure that policymakers understand how their decisions impact the important work of foundations and their nonprofit partners. Public Policy Action Network Members will be provided with tools and training, including:

  • Monthly Policy Updates from the Council.
  • Council action alerts, especially on key public policy issues important to the sector.
  • Assistance with scheduling annual meetings with your members of Congress, including a Congressional Recess Packet.
  • Additional opportunities to engage with policymakers and be an advocate for foundations.

As a member of the Action Network, you will build relationships with other foundation leaders, develop policy skills, and advocate for policies that will advance the greater good.

Join the Public Policy Action Network