2021 Annual National Conference for Growing Community Foundations

Please join your community foundation colleagues in person or online for the 2021 HYBRID Annual National Conference for Growing Community Foundations. Travel for some good old-fashioned networking and professional development to embrace peers you have missed or explore what modern technology has to offer to help you stay remote yet meet new and old friends virtually while learning in the comfort of your home/office. Dive into the deep content live or listen to the recording at your convenience later during the year. From “blind-dates” and group discussions for the online attendees to interactive sessions connecting both audiences --- there are plenty of fun ways to bond, learn, and grow!

This year’s theme is “Heart of Community.” In over 100 years of community philanthropy, the field has developed some strategies and practical tools that work, combined with open minds, toward envisioning the possibilities of thriving, equitable, sustainable, and healthy communities. Community foundations operate in the context of various challenges, particularly in the past year: a global pandemic, racial strife, a divisive national election, natural disasters, and economic uncertainty. Because of the ability to maintain operations under strain, community foundations remain vital anchor institutions – like a beating heart – to maintain and create a place with a future for all of its citizens.  When presented with difficult times, we need to try to filter out the noise, practice self-care, and drill down to the core of those ideas and values that make us cherish our hometowns and communities. 

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In partnership with Kansas Health FoundationCouncil on FoundationsFoundant Technologies, and Midwest Evaluation Group