Philanthropic Support Network

In this networked world, the Council recognizes the importance of cultivating and preserving strategic relationships with infrastructure organizations to serve our members and help them advance the common good. The Council is committed to building a strong and integrated network with colleagues to leverage assets, share knowledge and resources, increase impact, and ultimately better serve the philanthropic sector. By working closely with colleague organizations, the Council also hopes to engage a broader group of stakeholders in advocacy and policy work.

There are several different types of colleague and infrastructure organizations that serve philanthropy. They include:

The Community Foundation National Standards Board is designated by the IRS as supporting organizations of the Council on Foundations.

Funder Networks

Funder networks are organizations founded by grantmakers who have common interests. The first funder networks were formed in the early 1980s and provide opportunities for grantmakers with common interests to meet each other, share knowledge and encourage collaborative funding. Some funder networks are formed around the identity of the population served. Some are formed around particular grant issue areas. Still others are formed around position and function.



















Regional Associations

Regional associations of grantmakers are nonprofit membership associations of private and community foundations, corporations, individuals and others committed to strengthening philanthropy in the geographic areas in which they operate, within the United States.

















Academic Centers of Philanthropy

University-based centers primarily located within institutions of higher education that provide training, research, tools, and other resources that help foster the education and advancement of the philanthropic sector.

The Nonprofit Academic Centers Council (NACC) is a membership association comprised of academic centers or programs at accredited colleges and universities that focus on the study of nonprofit organizations, voluntarism and/or philanthropy.

























Philanthropic Support Organizations

Organizations that provide a variety of services that help support and strengthen the philanthropic infrastructure.





Nonprofit Policy Organizations

Tax-exempt organizations whose mission supports a wide spectrum of policy issues that affect philanthropy.





Nonprofit Infrastructure Organizations

Tax-exempt organizations that provide a variety of services which help strengthen the nonprofit sector.