Leading Together
Annual Conference | Dallas, TX | April 23-26, 2017


The Council is taking measures to increase sustainable practices and provide a sustainable experience throughout the conference.

Conference Host City

In 2012, the Office of Environmental Quality developed Dallas’ first Sustainability Plan, which is continually updated to serve the ever-changing needs of its growing communities. The five elements of their plan are: air quality, land use, water quality, materials management and energy.

Highlights of the Sustainability Plan include:

  • Increasing alternative commuting options
  • Reducing emissions from industry
  • Green building ordinances
  • Increasing green space and nature areas
  • Increasing sustainable food options
  • Trinity River preservation
  • Better materials management and green purchasing
  • Reduction in non-renewable energy use
  • And education and awareness campaigns
Conference Hotel

The Hilton Anatole was recognized in 2008 as the most energy efficient corporate building in the Southwest after putting into operation a $3.5 million comprehensive Energy Management Program which included the following implementations on property:

  • Lighting retrofits at common areas and guestrooms
  • Energy Management Control System (EMCS)
  • Lighting control upgrades
  • Chiller replacements
  • Guestroom energy controls

The Hilton Anatole implements back of house single stream recycling and also utilizes this recycling upon request for any groups meeting in-house. Single stream recycling allows them to combine all recyclables into one bin to then be sorted by the recycling company on-site at their plant. The Anatole has recycled, on average, 1 ton of waste per month. The Hilton Anatole allows guests to indicate whether they would/would not like to have their towels and sheets washed during their stay. Saving thousands of gallons of water each week. Additionally, the Hilton Anatole has changed their older incandescent and fluorescent lighting with new, more efficient models reducing their consumption by hundreds of thousands of kilowatt hours (KWH) per year - significantly reducing emissions from generating plants.

Water Conservation

Please be mindful of your personal use during your stay. We ask guests to exercise the option to keep their bed linens and bath towels for the length of their stay. Also when dining at restaurants only be served water if you plan on drinking it. We request attendees to bring their own reusable water bottles and we will provide filling stations throughout the conference.

Sustainable Seafood and Food Waste

Any seafood provided during the conference will be sustainable as listed on the approved list provided by Monterey Bay Seafood Watch List. The Hilton Anatole donates left-over food to local food banks and soup kitchens when possible and appropriate. The hotel is conscious to use and source preferred seafood vendors that use environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.

Carbon Offsets

The Council will have buses to provided transportation for offsite conference sessions. These buses are Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) motor coaches. The diesel exhaust fluid solution is a component of the Selective Catalytic Reduction system now present in diesel engines. This system lowers the level of nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide, two gases that are produced during the diesel combustion process. Dangerous emissions are reduced when the diesel exhaust fluid is sprayed into the exhaust system which then converts the unwanted emissions into nitrogen and water that doesn’t harm the environment. The Selective Catalytic Reduction System and the DEF comply with the current EPA standards for lower pollution standards. We will be encouraging those traveling by air or ground to consider purchasing carbon offsets and The Council on Foundations will be buying carbon offsets for all ground transportation provided throughout the conference through TerraPass.