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2015 Full Grantmakers Salary and Benefits Report

I’m pleased to share with you that the 2015 Full Grantmakers Salary and Benefits (GSB) Report is now available for immediate download.

What is the GSB Report?

Published since 1980, the GSB Report is an essential foundation operations tool. The research includes responses from 951 foundations representing over $279 billion in assets and more than $16 billion in grants. Taken together, the data represents $923 million in salary and benefits from over 9,000 full-time employees at U.S. foundations.

How you can you use the GSB Report?

Are you hiring a new CEO, Program Officer, or other team member? If so, consult the GSB report to see how other foundations are compensating their staff. We include data by geography, asset size, and foundation type.

Beyond compensation and benefits, you can use the GSB Report to benchmark your organization on staffing issues ranging from staff tenure to diversity.

For example, in 2014 women comprised 76% of all reported full-time positions and 77% of CEOs among grantmakers with less than $5 million in assets. Yet for respondents among foundations in the asset class of $100 to $250 million, the share of female CEOs fell to 50%. Among respondents with over $1 billion or more in assets women made up just 28% of CEOs.

What’s next?

Over the next few weeks here on the Council blog, I will break down the 2015 GSB Report chapter by chapter and share with you some key takeaways. We want to make sure you understand the data, how to apply it to leverage your work, and how it impacts philanthropy. 

For any questions about the report, please email me at I look forward to hearing from you.

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