Brian Crowe

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Brian Crowe

Brian Crowe is the Council on Foundations’ Chief Financial Officer and serves as the central figure for the organization’s financial strategy. 

Brian joined the Council in April of 2013 to leverage his skills improving organizational effectiveness.  His experience includes for-profit and not-for-profit knowledge in financial analysis & valuation, individual & corporate tax, compliance, internal controls and project & program management.  Brian is passionate about the non-profit sector and has spent the last four years contributing to the design and implementation of the Council’s strategic business plan.  He has a proven record of aligning strategic initiatives with revenue and expense management to reduce deficit cycles and enhance value.  Prior to joining the Council, he worked for Ocean Conservancy, an environmental non-profit, where he helped executive management navigate the difficult landscape of the Great Recession.  At a time when many non-profits were struggling financially, his focus on efficiencies, activity-based costing models and forecasting played a significant role in streamlining organization initiatives and strengthening financial positions.

Brian started his career in the banking industry.  From there he transitioned to public accounting where he specialized in various consulting activities and auditing financial institutions.  Originally from Madisonville, Kentucky, Brian has a bachelor’s degree in business, a minor in economics and a master’s degree in accounting.  Brian is a Certified Public Accountant in the District of Columbia and also holds a Certified Management Accountant credential.  He has a fond appreciation of nature and when he is not crunching numbers, he enjoys being outdoors.