Council Programs

Career Pathways

A 12-month leadership program that prepares candidates from diverse backgrounds to compete for and earn positions as philanthropic leaders.


Community Foundation Excellence (CFE)

Developed in conjunction with Indiana University's Center on Philanthropy, these courses help community foundation staff, board members and volunteers master the unique aspects of the community foundation field.


Council Awards

The Council's award programs were established to recognize excellence in philanthropy and honor exemplary leaders for their dedication in uplifting the sector.


Global Philanthropy

The Council is actively working to build connections among U.S. and global foundations that are addressing problems and advancing change around the world.


Impact Investing

The Council is participating in the conversation about unlocking new capital for social good.


Leading Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy has an opportunity to redefine the purpose and value for corporate foundations and giving programs.


National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations™

Developed in the spirit of accountability, transparency, and continuous self-improvement, National Standards for U.S. Community Foundation are philanthropy's most rigorous standards—evidence that community foundations seek excellence for their communities and donors.