Giving Days

Giving Days are an opportune strategy to engage residents, donors, and non-profits in your community. The Council created this resource page because of the value Giving Days can provide many community foundations. This resource will allow Council members to connect directly with each other and utilize many Giving Day resources. We encourage you to consider hosting a Giving Day after careful consideration to determine if this is the right path for your foundation and your community.

2014 marked the 100th anniversary of the founding of the first community foundation, The Cleveland Foundation, in Cleveland, Ohio. Since then over 700 community foundations have been created in the United States and countless more globally. The Council recognizes the critical and unique role of community foundations and it encourages members to consider utilizing a Giving Day strategy in their community as one of many methods to build awareness about the foundation and its efforts within the community.

Take advantage of these resources that can help you determine if a giving day is the right strategy for you.

Knight Foundation Giving Day Playbook

The Giving Day Playbook is a free resource provided through the Knight Foundation’s effort to support all community foundations interested in planning a Giving Day. It includes best practices, examples, and templates from Giving Day organizers across the country in one easy-to-use guide.


GIVE LOCAL AMERICA! is a national match day initiative designed to increase awareness of community foundations and coordinate community foundations to hold a giving day on one day to build more awareness about community foundations nationally. The initiative builds on the successful match day concept that many community foundations are already utilizing. This is a unique opportunity for the field to work together to elevate community philanthropy in the national media.