Horizon Forum: What Do the Experts Say: Hate Funding in Philanthropy

Debates around hate funding have grown in multiple spaces as issues of social violence, extremist ideology, and organized hate come to the forefront of public conversations. Advocacy organizations are flagging such activities, along with their funding sources, and implementing high profile campaigns pressuring organizations to stop what they consider to be hate funding. In recent years, various approaches have been adopted by the philanthropic sector to raise awareness of the issue and put an end to hate funding, which most often takes place through the use of Donor Advised Funds. Campaigns such as the “Hate is Not Charitable” pledge by Amalgamated Foundation and GuideStar’s brief attempt to designate hate groups on their site have been met with both praise and caution by sector leaders and advocacy groups. Meanwhile, as researchers continue to document the extent of the problem within the sector, stakeholders attempt to find practical, equitable, and lasting solutions to the debate. The sources below represent voices of leading actors, advocates, and researchers, documenting the issue in recent years.