Balancing Purpose, Payout, and Permanence


"How much should we spend?" It's an essential question for all funders, and an especially complex one for endowed private foundations. The answer of "around 5%" was never universal as foundations sought creative means of ensuring that assets would serve mission rather than the other way around. In recent times, the pressure to revisit payout has increased. Endowed foundations have responded with everything from "stay the course with 5%" to "dive in with 20%" and all points in between.

Based on an upcoming issue brief of the same name, this webinar will help you revisit your foundation's role as an investment steward. It will introduce the surprisingly wide spectrum of equally valid choices endowed foundations have made in balancing permanence, purpose, and payout. And it will provide ideas for helping your own board or family thoughtfully answer "How much should we spend?"

The Council on Foundations and National Center for Family Philanthropy are co-sponsoring this webinar and the related strategy guide, with special thanks to the other co-signers of the Statement Encouraging Increased Giving in the Time of Crisis.

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Peter Bird
Peter F. Bird, Jr.
President, The Frist Foundation

Tony Macklin
Tony Macklin
Philanthropy Consultant and Webinar Organizer/Facilitator

Liz Sak
Liz Sak
Executive Director, Cricket Island Foundation

George Suttles
Director of Research, Commonfund Institute

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