Career Pathways 2020 | July Community Building Hour

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Due to COVID-19, all 2020 Career Pathways in-person programming has been deferred to 2021. This monthly community building hour will give Career Pathways 2020 cohort a virtual opportunity to connect, reflect, share, and discuss a host of topics – from national issues to sector solutions.

The Council is committed to upholding the program’s core values of community, equity, learning, and development and will continue to ensure participants have a stellar experience.

Details to Note

  • This peer to peer conversation is only open to 2020 Career Pathways program participants
  • All conversations will be confidential.
  • Discussions will be hosted on Zoom, and we encourage participants come prepared to share video for better engagement within the platform.

Career Pathways is a year-long executive leadership preparation program that advances excellence, equity, and inclusion for individuals, organizations, and sector-wide strategies. Focused on developing participants’ competencies and skills in self-awareness, field-wide knowledge, and organizational leadership. The program prepares participants to successfully compete for leadership positions by expanding their capacity to become more effective philanthropic leaders.

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