Community Foundation CEO Virtual Roundtable

Join the Council and CEONet as we reconvene CEOs and Executive Directors of community foundations for a third virtual roundtable in support of the continued efforts by the field to respond and adapt to the challenges of COVID-19.

Executives will explore in an open format pressing matters and relevant topics in pursuit of ways we can strengthen communities across the United States. Attendees of the roundtable can participate in this open exchange of ideas, share perspective and experiences, as well as flagging resources and tools that will benefit the collective effort of our community foundation field.

Conversation Focus

How do we compassionately support the local nonprofit community while also acknowledging the reality that some nonprofits won’t survive? How can we use our community leadership platform to help improve the local nonprofit sector? What’s the best way for community foundations to raise the question of mergers, strategic restructuring or a compassionate closure of organizations?

Roundtable Objectives

  • Strengthen our network of the community foundation field and embolden connectivity of executives.
  • Provide the context and space for community foundation executives in these unusual times of COVID-19.
  • Highlight community responses, assess situations with the support of peers, and conversation for peer sharing, learning, and networking.

This roundtable will be hosted on Zoom, allowing all participants to engage in the conversation.

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