Corporate Legal Ask Me Anything

As a corporate grantmaker, do you have questions about legal challenges impacting your work? From self-dealing considerations to legal rules around scholarships and employee assistance programs, all topics are up for discussion and support from the Council’s legal team during our Corporate Legal Ask Me Anything.

This event will take place on the Philanthropy Exchange, the Council’s peer-to-peer exchange site. You can submit a question before or during the event, and Ben McDearmon (Staff Counsel) or Stephanie Audain (Associate, Legal & National Standards), will share their responses in the Corporate Grantmakers Exchange. This is a perfect opportunity to get to know our legal team better and to hear questions from other corporate grantmakers.

You can participate in this Philanthropy Exchange discussion in two ways:

  1. Submit a question in advance of the event (Recommended):   Submit a Question
  2. Log into the Corporate Grantmakers Exchangeduring the event and see live questions and replies by refreshing the page

After the event, the entire discussion thread will be shared in the Corporate Grantmakers Exchange Daily Digest. As a reminder, this is not a webinar-based event. Instead, this chat-based discussion will take place in the Corporate Grantmakers Exchange.

If you have any questions regarding the format of this event, please take a look look at the Ask Me Anything FAQs or email us at


Legal Resources Team

Stepahnie Audain

Stepahnie Audain
Associate, Legal and National Standards

Ben McDearmon

Ben McDearmon
Staff Counsel, Legal and National Standards

Ask Me Anything FAQs

What is the Philanthropy Exchange?

The Philanthropy Exchange is a peer-to-peer platform that connects Council members around shared interests, topics, or resources. The Exchange is a member-only benefit open to Council members and invited guests. To help you get started on the Exchange, here is a quick training video.

Can't make it to the AMA?

Send in your questions now, and we’ll post on your behalf during the event. After the event, all of the questions (including yours!) and responses will be available in the Corporate Grantmakers Exchange in the daily digest.

How do I Participate in real-time?

Just visit the Corporate Grantmakers Exchange on May 6th from 2-3 p.m. (ET), which is when the discussion will be live. You can ask questions directly in the Ask Me Anything thread. You can also observe the event by hitting refresh every few minutes to see who has questions and comments from Council members and our Legal Team.

Will there be a video recording of this event?

This event is entirely text based;, there will not be a video recording available for this event. After the event, the entire conversation will be shared in theCorporate GrantmakersExchange daily digest.

Will others be able to see my questions?

Yes, but only members of the Corporate Grantmakers Exchange will be able to see your questions. As a reminder, this discussion community is designed to build a network for and support staff of corporate giving programs and foundations as they learn and share unique ways companies are managing community investments.The Corporate Grantmakers Exchange is also only open to Corporate Foundation members."


As a reminder, the Philanthropy Exchange is a member-only benefit open to Council members and invited guests. Your login credentials for the Philanthropy Exchange are the same as your login credentials for If you have any trouble during the AMA chat, please email us at We look forward to hearing your insights and feedback!