Inclusive Economic Prosperity

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What is philanthropy's role in economic development?
  • Join this dynamic two-day convening in the innovation centers of two prominent Southern corporations—Milliken and BMW Manufacturing, immersing yourself in economic drivers of the region
  • Work directly with your Foundation colleagues to explore the evolution taking shape in our economy and philanthropy’s role in ensuring everyone can benefit and prosper in their communities.

Presenting an array of local examples and national best cases for practical learning and understanding, this convening will inform already engaged community funders as well as new funders seeking creative pathways to increased prosperity for economically challenged communities—looking at both rural and urban issues.

With a core theme of “foundation leadership to promote inclusive economic development,” the convening will focus on two key strategies that foundations can utilize to promote economic inclusiveness: impact investing and public-private partnerships ---strategies that can help communities undertake innovative capital investments and workforce investments to thrive in the coming decade of innovation and economic growth.

  • Attendees will include community, health conversions, corporate, family and private foundations 
  • C-suite decision-makers and those responsible for strategic opportunities in their organization
  • Grantmakers and programmatic staff
  • Staff interacting wih community and economic development
  • Leadership focused on resident engagement and community development will benefit from this convening.
Core Topics
  • Current Economic Landscape in the South- How different sectors are addressing this work
  • Competitive Market Trends – capitalization, artificial intelligence, digitization, automation, public partnerships, etc.
  • Innovative Grantmaking in Economic Development
  • Impact Investing Focus
  • Next Generation Infrastructure: Capital and Talent

BMW Manufacturing Plant Tour and Networking Event

Roundtable Shared Practices: Foundation Leaders & Peer Learning
  • The role of Entrepreneurship in 21st Economic Develpoment
  • Ten Ways to Convene for Economic Development in your Community 
  • How to Talk about Impact Investing with the Board
  • Transforming from the bottom-up: A new way to engage
  • Finding the Balance: Public and Private Partnerships

Thanks to our community partner, The Spartanburg County Foundation, for collaborating with the Council on Foundations to bring this event to South Carolina.

For any matter regarding accessibility, please contact contact our accessibility coordinator