Leading Together on Impact Investing

Presented in collaboration with Mission Investors Exchange, this webinar will preview some of the impact investing conversations at the Council's 2015 Annual Meeting.

Expert speakers will explore the field of impact investing, where it's going in the next 10 years, and how different strategies can be employed by foundations of all types and sizes. You'll see how foundations are leading together by deploying their capital in ways the generate social as well as financial returns.

The conversations begun on this call will be continued at the Council's 2015 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, April 24-28. Sessions at that event will cover topics including:

  • Impact Investing: The Nuts and Bolts
  • Impact Investing: The Next Ten Years
  • Building Movements Around Divest-Invest
  • Impact Investing: The Community Foundation Experience
  • Engaging the Next Generation Through Divest-Invest
  • And more!

Watch a recording of this conversation below.