Private Foundation CEO Roundtable: Preparing for the Coming Wave of Nonprofit Closures

Candid recently released a study estimating that 22,000 nonprofits will close their doors for good in the coming months. As we continue to weather ongoing crises, funders must determine how to respond as their nonprofit partners face the possibility of going out of business. This roundtable is for CEOs who are exploring ways to support the sustainability and/or evolution of their nonprofit partners. The conversation will focus on peer-to-peer advice, suggestions, and tactics on how funders can support nonprofits through the next stage of their organizational life cycle, whether that is a strategic alliance or restructuring, a merger, an acquisition or closure.

This conversation is limited to CEOs of private, independent and family foundations and will be hosted on Zoom, allowing all participants to engage in the conversation. For more information or to register, please contact Keith Hill.