Private Foundations Lunch with Legal Counsel: Self-Dealing

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Which of the following transactions are generally considered acts of self-dealing between a private foundation and a disqualified person?

  • Sales, exchanges, or leasing of property
  • Providing goods, services or facilities
  • Lending money or other extensions of credit
  • Paying compensation or reimbursing expenses to a disqualified person
  • None of the above

If you aren’t sure, we want to invite you to our “Lunch with Legal Counsel”series with Suzanne Friday, Senior Counsel and Vice-President of Legal Affairs. Suzanne will do a deep dive into Section 4941 of the Internal Revenue Code and discuss self-dealing as it applies to private foundations.

Participants will learn:

  • How to identify acts and potential acts of self-dealing.
  • How to distinguish between self-dealing and conflicts of interest.
  • The penalties that can be assessed for acts of self-dealing.
  • Permissible exceptions to the self-dealing rules.


Talia RiveraTalia Rivera
Director, Private Philanthropy

Suzanne Friday HeadshotSuzanne Friday
Senior Counsel and Vice President of Legal Affairs