Sharpen Your Grantmaking Application Process


Community foundations instinctively build strong relationships with grantees, at times despite a burdensome grant application process.

How can your foundation ensure that funding requests are meaningful and contain clear outcomes? Are incoming grant proposals in alignment with community vital signs and needs assessments? How can the grant application process lead to this end?

Explore ways to streamline and optimize your process to achieve the outcomes both you and your grantees seek. Hear about one approach taken by New Mexico funders to streamline the application process and foster increased collaboration. Sharpen your own grantmaking application process with new insights to fund even more with your limited grant dollars.

Join Brad Ward, Director of Community Philanthropy, who previously spent eight years leading a community foundation, and Stacie Freasier, Manager of Knowledge Center, who also garners experience working in a community foundation, to explore practices that sharpen the grantmaking application process.

Representatives from Share New Mexico will share their experience in the streamlining required of their individual grant processes that ultimately led to a common application process among a variety of funders in their state. Also hear cases studies and examples of how best to connect funding outcomes with comunity needs and assessment tools utilized by many Community Foundations.

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