Telling Stories with Data

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These days, foundations increasingly have access to a treasure trove of data from the work of grantees and from public sources. But rather than share these data in spreadsheet format, it’s advantageous to create graphs, tables, maps, and other visual summaries of findings. Such visualizations of data can assist with internal decision-making related to grantmaking. In addition, data visualization can be a communication tool to help educate external constituents and encourage audiences to take actions to help achieve programmatic goals. Data visualization to help transform facts into impact is a skill that can be taught, and this webinar – which is geared toward both program and communication staff – features some key lessons in communicating data that foundations can readily apply.

Andy Krackov, who has spent 15 years working in philanthropy funding data communication initiatives, guides the conversation, sharing some off-the-shelf and cost-effective tools that foundations can use or make available to grantees to visualize and tell compelling stories with data.


Andy Krackov, Managing Director, Hillcrest Advisory