Washington Update: The Rules of Policy Engagement

As foundation leaders, we know that philanthropy is a pillar of American society. While we may assume this is widely understood, that is often not the case. In light of the upcoming 2016 election and the impending changes in government leadership, it is critically important for policymakers and other decision-makers to understand the tremendous value you provide in the communities you serve.

Before you engage with policymakers, it is important to have a solid understanding of the legal rules that apply. During this webinar, you will gain a better understanding regarding the fundamentals of how, when, and to what extent different types of foundations can engage with policymakers, their staff, or candidates running for public office. Through dynamic hypotheticals, speakers will cover what advocacy activity you as a foundation can do, what your staff can do, and what your grantees may do with your support. 

Speakers include:

Don Snyder
Tax Associate
Federal Policy Group

Katherine LaBeau
Policy Director & Counsel
Council on Foundations

David Thompson
Vice President of Public Policy
National Council of Nonprofits

David Heinen
Vice President for Public Policy & Advocacy
North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

Moderated by:

Sue Santa
Senior Vice President for Public Policy & Legal Affairs
Council on Foundations

*Council events are not opportunities for solicitation of any kind, including asking for business, fund management, or grants. All types of solicitation are strictly prohibited. For more information, read our no solicitation policy.