Private Foundations

Private foundations make grants based on charitable endowments. The endowment funds come from one or a small handful of sources -- an individual, a family or a corporation. Because of their endowments, they are focused primarily on grantmaking and generally do not raise funds or seek public financial support the way public charities (like community foundations) must.

“Private foundation” is the umbrella term that includes corporate, independent, family, and operating foundations.  As of 2011, there were 73,764 private foundations in the United States (Foundation Center, 2011).  

In 2011, private foundations held more than $604 billion in assets and gave away more than $45 billion (Foundation Center, 2011).  

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This report from Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support (WINGS) presents an analysis of the current trends in global philanthropy.

Getting Started is a new members-only resource within Country Notes. To help connect you with others working in India, we have identified:

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Getting Started is a new members-only resource within Country Notes. To help connect you with others working in France, we have identified:

This report from Singapore Management University examines the public policies influencing charitable descision making in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.