Private Operating Foundations

Operating foundations are private foundations that use the bulk of their income to provide charitable services or to run charitable programs of their own. They make few, if any, grants to outside organizations. To qualify as an operating foundation, specific rules, in addition to the applicable rules for private foundations, must be followed.

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Council Office Hours for Community, Private and Family Foundations opens the the conversation between funders and Council attorneys, Bryan Del Rosario and Ben McDearmon, and lead strategist for community philanthropy, Brad Ward, on pressing issues in response to COVID-19.
Council resources for foundations responding to Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Many private and corporate foundations and giving programs are grappling with how to quickly respond to those most in need in their community as the Coronavirus pandemic spreads globally. This often means funding in new and different ways, including possibly making grants to individuals. Many corporate grantmakers are looking for ways to set up employee assistance funds to provide direct financial support to corporate employees who are most adversely affected. Private foundations may contemplate adjusting their approach to directly respond to critical needs that emerge from this crisis. Community foundations can be a great option for deploying charitable funds to individuals in need during a crisis like the one currently unfolding. Given that they are organized as public charities rather than private foundations they have broader latitude to give this way.
In This Week's Edition of Snapshot: News from the Council; Congress Considers Third COVID-19 Bill; Executive & Regulatory Affairs Updates, and Summary of the Government-Wide Response to Coronavirus.
Stay up-to-date on the latest legislation and government actions in the United States concerning COVID-19.
As leaders in philanthropy, we recognize the critical need to act with fierce urgency to support our nonprofit partners as well as the people and communities hit hardest by the impacts of COVID-19. We invite funders and other leaders is the philanthropic sector to join us in making these commitments and collectively holding ourselves accountable to them by signing this pledge of action.
Thank you for joining the Council on Foundations to hear from experts on providing effective support to grantees and learn how foundations can build a sector that can weather this storm and future uncertainty.
This sector-wide survey provides salary, benefits, and diversity data for U.S. grantmaking organizations to aid in budget planning and personnel practice benchmarking.
In This Week's Edition of Snapshot: News from the Council; News from the Hill; Department of Commerce; National Telecommunications and Information Administration; Department of Education; and Divergent Views on Donor Disclosures.