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1002 Foundation

AB InBev Foundation

Absarokee Community Foundation

Akaloa Resource Foundation

Alamance Community Foundation

Alpern Family Foundation, Inc.

American Tower Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Anne Ray Charitable Trust

The HealthPath Foundation of Ohio

Baker Tilly Foundation

Blackfeet Community Endowment Fund

Blaine County Community Foundation

Boone County Community Foundation (IL)

Bradley, Arant, Rose & White, LLP

Broadwater Community Foundation

Camiccia-Arnautou Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Camp Hill Community Foundation

Capital Guardian Trust Company

Carter County Community Foundation

Oakpoint Charitable Foundation

Wave Foundation

Columbus Community Foundation

Community Foundation for a Better Bigfork

Community Foundation of Dutchess County

Community Foundation of Putnam County

Community Foundation of Ulster County

Council Grove Area Foundation

Crawford Idema Family Foundation

Culbertson Area Community Foundation

Darby Town Endowment Fund

David Lord Charitable Foundation

David W. Worthington Fund

Dillsburg Area Foundation

E.I. duPont de Nemours and Co.

Edward H. Daveis Benevolent Fund

EMC Health Foundation

Ensworth Charitable Foundation

Equitable Trust Company

Fifth Third Foundation

Franklin County Foundation

The Garn Family Foundation

Gore Family Memorial Foundation Trust

Great Falls Area Community Foundatoin

Greater Polson Community Foundation

Green River Area Community Foundation

Hardin County Community Foundation

Harry and Masie Masto Foundation

Healthcare Foundation of Wilson

HealthNet Foundation, Inc.

Hermantown Community Fund

Hill County Community Endowment

Howard and Beth Bryant Foundation

Iberia Parish Endowment Fund

Intel Technology

Intuitive Foundation

Jackson County Community Foundation

Jefferson Valley Community Foundation

Endeavor Foundation, Inc. (NY)

Joliet Area (MT) Community Foundation

Joliet Area Community Foundation

Kaiser Permanente Southern California

Kenai Community Foundation

Kozmetsky Family Foundation

Kroger Company Foundation

Krupp Family Foundation

Albert Kunstadter Family Foundation

Lake County Community Foundation

Lana Vento Charitable Trust

The Blanche & Irving Laurie Foundation

Law Offices of Suzanne M. Reisman

LFT Family Foundation

Lincoln County Community Foundation

Lincoln Valley Community Foundation

The Logan County Charitable and Educational Foundation, Inc.

Louisiana Parks Foundation

Louisiana Real Estate Foundation

Maine Community Supporting Foundation

Mary Elizabeth & Gordon B. Mannweiler Foundation, Inc.

Marisla Foundation

McFeely-Rogers Foundation

Curtis W. McGraw Foundation

Meagher County Community Foundation

Milbank Tweed Hadley & McCloy LLP

Mineral County Community Foundation

Montour County Community Foundation

Shirley E. Noland Foundation

Northern Trust

Nuveen Real Estate

Oak Tree Philanthropic Foundation

ON Semiconductor Foundation

Osceola Foundation, Inc.

Paul J. Aicher Foundation

The Jorge M. Perez Family Foundation

Perry County Community Foundation

Phillips County Community Foundation

Powell County Foundation

Rae Family Charitable Foundation Trust

Rainwater Charitable Foundation

Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation

Redwater Community Foundation

Rhinelander Community Foundation

Richland County Community Foundation

Thomas W. Haas Foundation

Roberts Community Foundation

Rocky Mountain Front Community Foundation

Roosevelt County Community Foundation

Rossville Community Foundation

Ruby Valley Foundation

Rusk County Community Foundation

San Diego Women\'s Foundation

Schrenk Family Foundation

Sean and Jennifer O\'Neal Family Foundation

Seattle International Foundation

Seeley Lake Community Foundation

Selinsgrove Area Community Foundation

Serimus Foundation

Sheridan County Community Foundation

Sherwick Fund

Marion A. and Ruth K. Sherwood Family Fund

Social Venture Partners CT

Soo Foundation, Inc.

Southern California Gas Company

Southern Company Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Spunk Fund, Inc.

St. Mary Parish Community Fund

Sunbury Area Community Foundation

Taubman Ventures Management

Tecovas Foundation

The David Kelby Johnson Memorial Foundation

The Mechanicsburg Area Foundation

Robert F. Higgins Foundation

The Youssef and Kamel Mawardi Fund

TIAA Endowment & Philanthropic Services

Trillium Family Foundation

Union Foundation

Vincent B. & Barbara G. Welch Supporting Organization

W. Dale Brougher Foundation

Walton Enterprises LLC

Wardle Family Foundation

Rose Foundation

Mars Wrigley Foundation

Youngstown Foundation

Youth Hope Foundation