Bridging Divides

How is philanthropy critical in bridging divides?

Bridging Divides LogoPhilanthropy serves as an important bridge within societies, connecting individuals, communities, and organizations with differing perspectives all working in pursuit of the common good. In today’s world of growing nationalism and division, philanthropy’s role as a bridge builder is even more critical. Funders of all types and sizes are working across divides to drive social change, from strengthening democracy and civic engagement in increasingly partisan societies to facilitating interfaith dialogue and working to respond to and prevent acts of hate and violence. 

What is the Council doing?

To further our collective efforts in bridging divides, the Council is exploring how foundations can leverage their diverse assets - whether financial, intellectual, or their convening power - to facilitate conversations, encourage unlikely collaborations, develop shared policy agendas, and grapple with difficult questions that bring people together across perspectives and positions.

Our membership includes foundations of all types, sizes, and geographies, making the Council uniquely positioned to strengthen foundations as effective bridge builders. 

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