Donor Advised Funds

Local Issues. Local Solutions.

Donor advised funds are a unique philanthropic tool. They allow donors to establish accounts at institutions, such as community foundations, and remain involved in supporting the causes and issues they care about. Community foundations oversee and manage funds on behalf of families, groups, or individuals and, in many cases, have the discretion to direct some of the resources to priority causes the foundation identifies. Together DAFs and community foundations are brining local solutions to the causes and issues that matter most.

Despite the benefits DAFs bring to communities, proposals have been discussed in Congress that would challenge the fundamental and long-lasting value of endowed philanthropy. Shortsided polices could significantly diminish use of the fastest growing giving tool, reduce charitable giving among a diverse group of donors, and threaten communities’ ability to quickly respond to local needs.

The Council’s position on donor advised funds is to uphold current law so that communities can continue to benefit from the generosity of local donors. The Council on Foundations strongly opposes a DAF payout requirement. We are working with members, our colleagues in the field, and other membership associations to aggressively promote DAFs as unique giving vehicles that can benefit communities now and for years to come. Check out our resources or contact us to learn more about DAF advocacy activities such as policymaker meetings, communications materials to share with the community and policymakers, policy update webinars and conference sessions, commissioned research,  and the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations™. 

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