Public Policy

In this week's Washington Snapshot: Senate Passes Permanent IRA Charitable Rollover; Council Submits Comments on IRS Gift Substantiation Proposal; Omnibus Blocks IRS Political Activity Rulemaking; FASB votes to Revise Nonprofit Presentation of Cash Flows; DAFs, IRAs, & BFFs; Pay For Success Programs Offer "No Free Lunch"; and more!

A proposed rule by the IRS would allow charities to file an additional information return by February 28th each year that includes taxpayer identification information for donors who contribute $250 or more, and provide a copy of the return to these donors in lieu of a contemporaneous written acknowledgment. The Council believes this rule is problematic, and submitted comments to the Treasury Department voicing our concerns. Notably, these comments reflected concern for 1) the administrative burden this process would place on charitable organizations to collect this information from donors, 2) the privacy of donors’ sensitive information, 3) the deterrent effect this could have on charities’ relationships with their donors, and 4) the “slippery slope” it poses to evolve from an optional method to a mandatory requirement.

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In this week's Washington Snapshot: Take Action Now on Extenders; Bill Introduced to Simplify Car Donations; Comments for IRS Gift Substantiation Proposal Due Soon; Update on Financial Action Task Force (FATF); Donor Initiated Funding and the Public Support Test; Governors Order Nonprofits to Deny Services to Syrian Refugees; Domestic Philanthropy and Sustainable Development Goals; White House Briefing on Syrian Refugee Crisis; and more!