Global Regulation of Philanthropy

The Council actively asserts its leadership role in the global policy space to ensure a positive regulatory environment for global philanthropy. To do that, the Council develops substantive policy positions on behalf of its members and submits regulatory comments and letters to U.S. policymakers, foreign governments and intergovernmental bodies, and advocates before domestic and international bodies that set policies that impact cross-border philanthropy.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and globalized, many grantmakers are looking to serve a broader community through their grantmaking and philanthropy. However, there are both current and proposed laws that restrict the flow of important charitable funds across borders. These regulations make it difficult for the Council’s members to support communities abroad in need of disaster assistance, humanitarian aid, or developmental support. U.S. counterterrorism laws are considered overly restrictive by many nonprofits and can deter philanthropic activity in high-risk—but high-need—regions. The domestic laws in other countries can also create undue burdens for U.S.-based grantmakers doing work in the country, and unfortunately, we’ve seen this trend increasing.

The Council is dedicated to ensuring that barriers to cross-border philanthropy are minimized.

Regulatory Analysis:

Council Comments: